Hurricane Preparedness

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We are at the beginning of August in sunny (and rainy) South Florida! This year is flying by, with the Corona Virus casting a dark cloud over all normally scheduled activities. Hurricane season is one old friend we can count on though and we want to make sure you are prepared!

  • Have plenty of pet food and water available. It is best to stick with your pets regular diet to help keep their gut happy during these stressful times.

  • Have a plan for bathroom breaks. Since we won’t be able to take our dogs outside during the storm, make sure to plan an alternative such as a potty pad or small piece of sod in a plastic tray or kiddie pool. Make sure to have plenty of extra litter on hand for kitties.

  • Microchip: Make sure your pet is microchipped and that the microchipped is registered with your most current contact info. Many microchip registration services even allow you to upload a picture of your pet to help with recovery in the event your pet is lost. Make sure this a current, clear photo that includes any distinctive markings on your pet.

  • Pet ID tag: Your pet should be wearing a pet ID tag that has your contact information (phone number). Consider getting your pets a reflective collar or an LED safety tag.

  • Vaccines: Make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines and that you have proof available in case of emergency evacuation and travel.

  • Emergency Kit that includes a minimum of: 2 week supply of your pets medications, 1 week supply of food in an air-tight container, first aid kit, water, leash, collar with pet ID tags, transport kennel, potty pads/litter and box, bowls, medical records, and comfort items such as a bed/blanket.

Pet First Aid Kit:

  • Emergency Contact Information – including your veterinarian, a 24-hour emergency clinic, and animal poison control.

  • Blunt tipped scissors, tweezers

  • Bandage material such as vet-wrap

  • Sterile eye wash, antiseptic wipes

  • Gloves

  • Emergency medication for your pet (if applicable)

  • Thermometer

  • Treats (to help coerce a scared pet)

If you become separated from your pet:

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