We are able to perform many surgical procedures such as spays, neuters, mass removals, wound repair, etc. We have a brand new surgical suite equipped with human grade anesthetic monitors and first class pain management. We also offer anesthetic dentals that include dental x-rays, scale and polish teeth, evaluation of each tooth and extractions if necessary.

Reproductive Services

We provide a wide range of reproductive services such as ovulation timing via progesterone testing, artificial insemination, pregnancy confirmation via ultrasound, puppy/kitten count via x-rays, scheduled c-sections, and more.

Preventive Care

Annual wellness exams are a crucial part of monitoring your pets health. Along with the exam, we will discuss recommended vaccines based on your pets lifestyle and screening tests such as heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screening, and bloodwork.


We have a well stocked in house pharmacy for all your pets needs. Want home delivery? We can arrange for that too through our online pharmacy (coming soon).


Our brand new digital x-ray machine allows us to take as many radiographs as needed and get high quality images instantly. Since these images are digital, they can be shared with our clients and colleagues.


We have a full in house suite of laboratory machines including complete blood count (CBC), internal organ function screening (chemistry), urinalysis, and intestinal parasite screening. We are also partnered with Idexx for all labs needing to be sent out.